Balloon Bouquet Mickey Mouse Forever

Balloon Bouquet Mickey Mouse Forever

balloon bouquet

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This bouquet has a giant foil balloon in the shape of Mickey’s head with his signature smile; accompanied by two round foil balloons with Mickey on a yellow background, and two red star-shaped foil balloons.

5-piece pack includes 1 giant Mickey super shape foil balloon (22” wide, 25” tall); 2 round Mickey foil balloons (17” diameter); 2 star-shaped foil balloons (19” diameter).


  • Includes foil balloons of varying sizes and shapes that are inflatable with helium. They are self-sealing, reusable, and show designs on both sides.
  • Balloon safety and care: (1) Balloons look their best at room temperature. (2) Inhalation of helium can be harmful. (3) Uninflatable or broken balloons can create a choking hazard. (4) Please properly dispose your balloons. Do not release balloons into the air. Help keep balloons out of power lines and our waterways.